Conditions of entry:

  • No dogs (with the exception of Guide Dogs)
  • No bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller blades permitted in run events
  • Entry fees are non-refundable
  • No entries will be accepted on the day
  • Race bibs are non-transferable
  • Replacement bibs are available on the day for a fee of $5.00
  • Waivers must be accepted (see below)

You must agree to the waiver below in order for us to accept your entry. Each participant must accept the waiver and in the case of registrants under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must accept and sign on the child’s behalf. The waiver will be included in the online registration process.



IMPORTANT: The participant acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees to the terms and conditions of entry set out herein prior to registering as a participant in the event, or in the case of entrants under 18 years of age, the parent/guardian acknowledges same.

  1. I, whose signature appears on this entry form coupon in consideration of and as a condition of acceptance of my entry in this event, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or action which I or they might have for or arising out of loss of my life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in the said event, I will abide by the race rules.
  2. This waiver, release and discharge shall be and operate separately in favour of all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the event and the servants, agents, representatives and officers of any of them, and shall so operate whether or not loss, injury or damage is attributable to the act or neglect of any or more of them.
  3. The race organisers reserve the right to alter the course and/or race format due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. These changes may reflect altering of the event either in format or logistically due to circumstances outside the control of and under the direction of sponsors, councils, police or other organisations that are associated with the event.
  5. I agree to have my mailing details recorded and used for future promotions by event organisers, sponsors and partners. I have read the above declaration and agree to abide by all race rules and directions as stated in the declaration and upon literature and other material distributed in connection with the event.


If under 18yrs, declaration to be signed/acknowledged by parent/guardian:

I certify that I am the parent/guardian of the entrant, who will be under 18 years of age on the day of the event and that he/she has trained for and has my consent to participate in this event.