8 km Swim
1.5 km Swim
6.5 km Run, Jog or Walk
25 km Bike Ride
50 km Bike Ride
20 km Paddle
10 km Paddle
Team Events


The Cohuna Bridge to Bridge is an annual charity event that raises funds for the Royal Children's Hospital and the Cohuna District Hospital. It is organised by a committee under the auspices of the Cohuna Lions Club Inc.


Event Venue: Township of Cohuna, Northern Victoria

Events and Start Times:

8 km Swim - 9.00am
8 km Relay Swim - 9.00am
1.5 km Swim - 9.00am
6.5 km Fun Run / Walk - 9.30am
6.5 km Run / Walk Team - 9.30am
25 km Bike Ride - 10.00am
50 km Bike Ride - 10.00am
6 km Bike Ride 12yrs & Under - 9.15am
10 km Canoe - 9.30am
20 km Canoe - 9.00am

Foreman Challenge Triathlon:
1.5 km Swim
- 9.00am
6.5 km Run - 10.00am
25 km Bike Ride - 10.45am
There is no transition area but security will be provided for bikes.

Bridge to Bridge Team Challenge
Three competitors make up a team.
Each entrant completes one of the three following events: 1.5 km Swim / 25 km Bike Ride / 6.5 km Run Walk
Times for each respective event will be combined to give your team an aggregate time.
Please send in all team money together.
Ensure everyone nominates the same team name on the entry form.
Team members are also eligible for individual awards.

Open Swim Relay - up to 4 members
16 & Under Swim Relay - up to 6 members
All Relay and Team Events may consist of men or women or both.
Change overs can take place on the water or on shore.
Teams to provide their own boats.

Marshalling and Finish Area: Garden Park, Cohuna (Event shirts available here)

Shuttle Bus: Competitors in the Swim and Run / Walk events will be shuttled from the finish area to the start line for respective events. Details of shuttle bus times will be at the Marshalling Area.

Swim Entrants: 8 km swim takes 1.5 to 3 hours. Competitors to supply their own support crew.

Bike Ride Entrants: Bike ride entrants will start from Cohuna Apex Park. 6 km Bike 12 yrs and Under will start from Dalton's Bridge.

Paddle Entrants: It will be the responsibility of each paddler to make their way to the designated start point. Details will be provided upon entry. Canoe/Kayaks may be 1 person or more. Please note on entry form.

Family Teams: Run / Walk Family Team will be the 1st three members to finish.

Pre race Entries: All postal / fax entries must be received by February 21 to avoid a late fee of $4.00 per entry.

Late Entries: Late entries will be accepted up until 20 minutes before the advertised start times of respective events.

Race Numbers and Instructions: Race instructions and race numbers will be issued at the Marshalling Area at 8.00 am

Award Presentations: Presentation of Awards to all place getters will commence at approximately 12.30 pm. Official Race results will be published in the Cohuna Farmer's Weekly and posted on this web site.


The 8 km swim starts at Dalton's Bridge in the Gunbower Creek and finishes adjacent to the main street of Cohuna.
The 1.5 km swim will be held over the final 1.5 km of the course.
Please note that the Gunbower Creek is a flowing waterway and participants will have the assistance of a current throughout the duration of the swim.


The 6.5 km run starts on Island Road adjacent to Dalton's Bridge. The course follows the road into Cohuna and finishes at the same finish site as the swim.


The bike course is a 25 km course loop starting at the Cohuna Town Bridge. IT follows Island Road until Burke's Bridge where participants will turn around and proceed back to Cohuna. Entrants in the 50 km event will complete two laps of the course.


The 20 km Kayak course starts at Burke's Bridge while the 10 km canoe course starts further downstream at Heaps Road.


Can be downloaded here. They can also be obtained by emailing us (Click here to email) with your contact details. Or call (03) 5456 2601.


Cohuna is a rural farming community nestled on the Gunbower Creek, a major tributary of the Murray River in Northern Victoria. Cohuna is centrally located between major regional centres including Bendigo, Shepparton, Swan Hill and Echuca. From the Melbourne metropolitan area, Cohuna is a comfortable three hour drive on major Victorian highways. For more specific information on accommodation and travel in Cohuna and the surrounding areas, please call Golden Rivers Tourism in 5453 3100 or Freecall 1800 621 882.