The 8 km swim starts at Dalton's Bridge in the Gunbower Creek and finishes adjacent to the main street of Cohuna.

The 1.5 km swim will be held over the final 1.5 km of the course.

Please note that the Gunbower Creek is a flowing waterway and participants will have the assistance of a current throughout the duration of the swim.


RUN The 6.5 km run starts on Island Road adjacent to Dalton's Bridge. The course follows the road into Cohuna and finishes at the same finish site as the swim.


The bike course is a 25 km course loop starting at the Cohuna Town Bridge. IT follows Island Road until Burke's Bridge where participants will turn around and proceed back to Cohuna. Entrants in the 50 km event will complete two laps of the course.


 The 20 km Kayak course starts at Burke's Bridge while the 10 km canoe course starts further downstream at Heaps Road.