21.1km (Half Marathon) Trail Run – sponsored by Cohuna Auto Electrical

Run alongside the emus and kangaroos on this non-technical trail run through the Gunbower National Park. The course for the Cohuna Auto Electrical Half Marathon Trail Run is mostly off-road and is an ideal introduction to trail running. If you’ve never done a half marathon before, this is the one for you. It’s flat and takes you along the dirt tracks of this stunning bush setting.



  • Race entry
  • Race bib with timing chip
  • Safety pins
  • Water stations on course
  • Finishers medal

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: All entrants in the half marathon and 12.5km trail runs MUST carry water. Officials will check you at the start line.


The start line is at the entrance to Nursery Track, off Island Road (300m from the Cohuna Clay Target Club and Daltons Bridge). Note, this is slightly different to previous years. The course winds through the national park for 20km before emerging onto the Second Oval and exiting onto Island Road from the Second Oval gate (opposite the caravan park gate). This last stage is different to previous years. Island Road is bitumen and this will take you into the finish line at the town bridge.

The track is a dirt vehicular bush track and as such, can be uneven. If it has rained it can be wet, slippery and boggy in places. There will be the odd pot hole, stick, branch and stones, and even kangaroo and emu poo, so runners should be mindful to look at the road surface as they are running, as well as enjoying the surrounds. At no point does our course leave these tracks and go through the bush. You may see what appear to be walking tracks leading off the roads – these are kangaroo tracks, and while the kangaroos know where they are going, we don’t recommend you use this time to explore! See below for a detailed map and names of tracks.

When emerging from the Second Oval gate, a marshal will direct you to cross to the left-hand side of Island Road. Participants still on the Island Road section of the course at 9.30am will need to stick to the very left of the road, as the cycling events begin.  Please listen to, and follow, marshal instructions for your safety and that of other participants.


NOTE: If COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from running the event in-person, all events will be run virtually (at your own location within a set time-frame). Medals will be distributed but no trophies will be awarded for place-getters.

Course markings

We will have some marshals on course, but most of the course will be marked using pink surveyors tape hanging and tied to trees. It will be placed periodically along continuous sections of track, as well as at intersecting tracks to indicate which turn to take. Red and white tape will be placed across roads that are out of bounds. Do NOT cross any red and white tape. It is important you follow the pink tape to avoid running the wrong course.

Look for these course markings:

  • Pink arrows and pink crosses
  • Pink tape strung from trees
  • Red and white tape across no access areas

Course directions and map

The start line is at the entrance to Nursery Track, off Island Road (300m from the Cohuna Clay Target Club and Daltons Bridge). Note, this is slightly different to previous years.

The course enters the Gunbower National Park and runs along the following roads:

Nursery Track

Left onto Smith Swamp Track

Left onto Cross Track

Left onto Robertson Rd

Right onto Wire Fence Track

Right onto Robertson Break

Left onto Barton Track

Right onto Wee Wee Rup Track

Left onto Centre Break

Merges onto Chettle Track

Right onto Log Hauler Rd

Left onto Half Way Stump Rd

Merge left onto Rifle Butt Rd and into the Gunbower State Forest

Right OFF Rifle Butt Rd and run through the old mill, emerging onto Mill Rd

Right along the creek and onto the Second Oval (this is the name of the oval)

Exit the state forest onto Island Rd at the Second Oval gate (opposite the caravan park entrance). A marshal will ensure you enter and cross to the left side of Island Road safely if the cycling events have begun.

Finish line at town bridge, Cohuna

Thanks to Cohuna Auto Electrical for its generous sponsorship of this event.